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The Tone Protector

The Tone Protector

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The world’s first digital chanter cap with two-way humidity control technology.

- Stabilize your tone and tuning.

- Protect your reed from changing weather conditions.

- Get a consistently great sound every time you play, anywhere in the world.

- Save money and hassle with reeds that last 3 to 4 times longer.

- Play more. Tune less.


- Dual-layer reed protector with two-way humidity control

- Digital hygrometer and thermometer with large, easy-to-read LCD display

- Extra large knurled locking thumb screw

- Two-way humidity control technology adds or removes moisture as needed to maintain a precisely controlled, specifically-chosen humidity level.

The Tone Protector is designed to always keep your reed at a constant humidity level.  It’s the single easiest and most powerful thing you can do to immediately improve your bagpipe sound and maintain the stability of your reed.

Whether you are an experienced piper looking to take your tone and tuning to the next level or you are looking to find a way to spend more time enjoying playing and less time tuning and messing around with reeds, you need a system for storing and maintaining your reed at a constant humidity level.

Regardless of how the environment changes or where you travel in the world, your reed is protected, stabilized, and always ready to go.

Currently available in Green or Blue.

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