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Shepherd Pipe Chanters

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Made by the famous RT Shepherd and Son in Scotland, the unqualified success of the Shepherd Pipe Chanter has made it the most popular chanter in the world today, played by a huge percentage of pipe bands and soloists.

I have two chanters available:

(note - Chanters usually require to be ordered in on request, please contact me on Tourpiper@gmail.com with any enquiries)

The Classic Mark 3

The world famous, world championship winning Shepherd Chanter. Favoured for its stability and tonal quality.  A current favourite for pipe bands including FMM

Classic 480

As per the Classic Mk3 but designed to produce a pitch of 480 hz and above.

Played by Scottish Power & SFU

Band quotes welcomed!

B Flat Orchestral Chanter with B Flat Reed available on request

Blackwood - **PLEASE ENQUIRE**

Ideal for the solo boards, producing the softer yet rich tone desired by many. A pleasure to play on.

CITES import limitiations on African Blackwood has reduce my ability to import these however please contact me to discuss.

You can add an imitation ivory sole for $30 to any chanter or a Silver Sole - $POA