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Fagerstrom Technochanter 2G **BACK IN STOCK**

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This full-size electronic bagpipe is ideal as a complement to the ordinary practice chanter.
  • Fits in your pocket: only Ø16 x 233 mm
  • Contains all the electronics as well as the batteries: no extra box to plug in.
  • Uses earphones (not included): therefore perfect to play on buses, trains etc. Ideal for the commuter.
  • It has MIDI output. (MIDI cable not included) and a built in metronome that operates by sound as well as a blinking green LED.
  • Has a Drone sound and two different chanter sounds: GHB and Smallpipes.
  • It plays a basic scale, with an additional C natural in GHB mode.
  • Can be preset to keys of A, Bb, and C.


The 2nd generation Technochanter runs on two watch type batteries as opposed to the three needed by it's predecessor.

Battery life in audio mode is up to 40h when using SR44 (155mAh) batteries.

Battery life in MIDI mode is approx. 110h. A red LED indicates when the batteries are flat.

With earphones connected and sound off, the chanter enters a power saving mode after approx. 30 seconds. In this mode the batteries will last for months. This means there is no need to unplug the earphones at short brakes.